Registration via the number T 02 254 64 00, every weekday between 7 AM and 6 PM.

If you are a member of a mutual health fund, these consultations with the midwife are fully reimbursed. The consultation should be on a different day than a consultation with the gynaecologist.

At 14 weeks, you are entitled to a half-hour interview. During this interview, the midwife will provide information to you about your lifestyle during pregnancy, as well as any ailments and sexuality. Various practical matters such as childcare, involving your partner and maternity care are discussed. 

Around 34 weeks, the midwife can then give you a new appointment. At that time, she will discuss what you should expect from labour and delivery. She will also give you some more information about when you should come to the hospital and what exactly you should bring . 

When you're not quite sure whether you will breastfeed or use formula or if would like to get some more information about this, you can always come back again. The midwife will then discuss whether you need to come back for another half hour or an hour.

Aside from this meeting with the midwife, you should start looking for a midwife during your pregnancy who can follow up with you at home after delivery. That way, you two have already met and you will feel more comfortable letting her into your home. Especially when this is your first baby or your breastfeeding is not going very well, having a midwife at home is no luxury. Moreover, this is fully reimbursed by the mutual health fund (8 sessions and the physician can prescribe more if necessary).