Since 2011, you can visit the AZ Jan Portaels for a diagnostic sleep test or polysomnography. In October 2015, we started working at the renovated stroke unit in the neurology department. 

We have two beds in 2 separate, fully equipped rooms, located in the neurology department (internal medicine 3, on the 2nd floor). The sleeping unit is open 7 days a week.

You need to book an appointment for the sleep lab by calling 02 254 64 00.

We ask that you be present at registration no later than 5:30 PM the evening before your test. You do not need to fast.  

For the sleep test itself, you will be met by nurses from the neurology unit.

The pulmonologists will read the diagnostic polysomnography. The result is sent to the referring physician. Please mention their name in the questionnaire you will receive.

We have a multidisciplinary team capable of initiating treatment: this consists of ENT doctors, a surgeon (specializing in obesity surgery), maxillofacial surgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists. For certain conditions, we work together with the sleep psychologists of UZ Brussel.

When a moderate to (very) severe obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome is diagnosed, short-term treatment with CPAP is often suggested. To start CPAP treatment, we work together closely with sleep centres of our surrounding hospitals.

Alternative treatments for sleep apnoea can also be reviewed by the pulmonologist in consultation with the physicians in the team. To this end, the pulmonology department works closely with other disciplines within the hospital (ENT, neurology, endocrinology and maxillofacial surgery) . This may include several options: adjusting your lifestyle,  further investigation via sleep endoscopy, an ODA or orodental appliance, surgery and so on. This will be tailored to the patient and determined in consultation with the patient.

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