The hospital will ask you to make an advance payment on the final bill once a week, based on the expected costs. The advances paid will then be deducted from the final invoice amount. Payment of the advance is subject to the delivery of a receipt.

For a stay in an individual room, the amount of the advance is equal to the advance provided for a stay in a shared or two-patient room increased by 7 times the supplement for the selected room type.

You can pay this amount in cash or by Bancontact, Visa or Mastercard. For your safety and convenience, we recommend that you bring as little cash as possible to the hospital . 

Maximum amount of advances Persons entitled to a preferential rate  Children who are dependents  Other entitled person 
 Shared room € 50 € 75  € 150 
 Double Rooms € 50  € 75 € 150
 Individual room € 400  € 425  € 500 

Date: February 2020

Settlement of your hospital stay and care received

After you are discharged from the hospital, you will receive your bill for your hospital stay and the care received at home. AZ Jan Portaels uses the ‘third-payer scheme'

Please do not hesitate to contact the Billing department for additional information.