Which babies end up at the neonatal ward
If your baby is born a little prematurely (from 34 weeks gestational age) or needs some extra care, he or she will come to our neonatal ward. This ward is located on the fourth floor and is part of the maternity ward. Your baby is monitored 24 hours a day. There is always one midwife present at the ward who will answer all your questions. We also have a special brochure that will answer many of your questions. Feel free to ask the midwife about this. One of our paediatricians will also come to check on your baby every day.

Care at the neonatal ward
We care for your baby, as part of our family-centered and developmentally appropriate care. This means that we are going to try and involve you and your partner in the care as much as possible. Feel free to bring your own clothes, soft blankets, cuddly toys, drawings of brothers or sisters, pacifier, etc. We recommend spending as much time together as possible. Talking to your baby and being in physical contact with your baby will provide peace of mind and that way you will also get to know each other better. We also encourage skin-to-skin contact as much as possible. The midwife will assist you in this. She will also teach you how to care for the baby. Together, you will practice changing the baby's nappies, bathing or freshening up and feeding your baby, etc. This way you will eventually be able to take care of your baby completely independently.

Neonatal ward visiting hours
For the current visiting hours, click here.

Rooming-in with your baby while in the neonatal ward
When you are discharged from the hospital and your baby needs to stay a little longer, it is possible to room-in. This means that you can still stay to care of your baby yourself as much as possible. This is also possible during the last few days before the baby's departure. This allows you to get used to the baby in an environment without monitors and continuous supervision.