Adults who are struggling with mental health problems, but for whom a psychiatric hospital admission is not immediately indicated can attend day therapy at Rakonta, which has just moved to a new location within our hospital. More rooms and space create more opportunities for patients! An enthusiastic team of therapists is happy to put the topic of 'mental health' on the map.

Currently, two part-time group courses are provided (max. 8 people per group), lasting 6 to 12 weeks. Both groups have a multidisciplinary approach.

In group Subteno (Tue-Thu), low-threshold structuring activities are held.

At Esploras (Mon-Wed-Fri), people go through an insightful therapeutic process, based on various topics each week.

For more information, please contact psychologist Ruth Van Nieuwenhoven by phone on weekdays (02/257.54.65) or e-mail rakonta [at]