The physical medicine department has an exercise room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. 
Outpatient activities include consultations for locomotor disorders with recommendations for rehabilitation, as well as EMG and manual therapy.  
Outpatient physiotherapy consists of rehabilitation through movement, cardiac rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation, back training, COPD rehabilitation, oncology rehabilitation, pre and post-natal rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation…

We have an extensive team of specialized physiotherapists.

Peter Reniers: Cardiac, vestibular and orthopaedic rehabilitation  02/2575669
An Dewallef :  back rehabilitation  02/2575668
Amir Adam :  back rehabilitation  02/2575677
David Pirart: back rehabilitation 02/2575667
Maarten Laermans: orthopaedic rehabilitation 02/2575675
Katrien Francois : Pre- and postnatal rehabilitation and back rehabilitation  02/2575665
Inge Aelbrecht : Pelvic floor rehabilitation 02/2575666
Elena Tieto: neurological rehabilitation 02/2575679
Koen Maes:  neurological rehabilitation  02/2575673
Marijke Duverger: respiratory rehabilitation  02/2575664
Margo Leman: respiratory rehabilitation  02/2575659
Tina Decat : 02/2575670
Geert Van Hove : 02/2575671
Vicky Maesschalk: 02/2575662

Location: Block C, 4th floor