AZ Jan Portaels has single rooms, double rooms and multi-person rooms. By default, patients are always admitted to a common room unless you make a different choice. If you prefer a single room (private), you must notify us in advance. 

If you specifically choose a single room, you will enjoy free WiFi and we ensure that you will not have to wait when you register.

Not all nursing units have double rooms. The hospital's admission and Registration Department can provide you with more information on this subject. If your desired room is not available, we will try to find the best possible alternative. If you wish to change your choice of room during the course of your stay, this must be confirmed in writing. 

Price difference between a single and a multi-person room:
If you stay in a private room at your request, you will pay a higher supplement for the room and an additional fee for the services provided by physicians and allied health professionals.

In the following cases, no supplement for a single room will be charged:

  • If you are admitted to a single room for medical reasons. The treating physician will then confirm this in writing. 
  • If you end up in a single room without asking, due to lack of availability in common rooms. 
  • If you are admitted to an intensive care unit including cardiac care unit (CCU) or emergency care.

Attention! Be sure to check with your insurance company about the terms of your policy. That way, you can prevent unpleasant financial surprises.