Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no tours are possible for the time being.

You will be given a group tour of the various midwifery departments: Delivery Room, Maternity ward, neonatal ward. A midwife will welcome you and guide you around these departments. During the tour, she will be sharing information with the group about, among other things, what happens when you come in to give birth, where you have to register, what happens as standard, what else is possible and the 'normal' course of labour, delivery, first days after delivery, etc. There is also definitely room for additional questions - if you have personal questions, you may speak to the midwife after the tour or you can make an extra appointment with the midwife. This tour takes about an hour.

Also, a consultant from the mutual health fund will hold a brief talk:
o maternity leave for the next 15 weeks ...
o or what to do if you are self-employed ... which is a different story altogether
o work removal because of your job requirements
o birthing leave, which is always welcome for the partner
o breastfeeding breaks or leave ... as per your wish ...
o your baby needs to stay in hospital longer ... what now?
o further questions?

There will also be information stands with Child & Family and independent midwives present, to give you more information on home counselling after delivery.

As a well-informed parent, you are more involved in the pregnancy and birth and you can then devote all your time and attention to your baby.