Emergency department

Our Emergency Department is on call 24/7 to take care of acute medical problems in adults and children, both in the hospital and out on the streets, at work or at home thanks to our pre-hospital unit.

Visiting an emergency department is always unexpected, and we understand these frustrations. To give you a better idea of how long you will have to wait, you will first be triaged by a physician or a nurse. They will assess how quickly your problem should be addressed. It may happen therefore that someone who came in after you is helped first.

In cooperation with the general practitioners from the region, we have created a GPs station "Midden Brabant" on our hospital's premises. We distinguish between those who need immediate, rapid or non-urgent assistance. This allows you to visit a single location to get urgent medical assistance, and if the on-call physician refers you to another doctor, you no longer have to make unnecessary trips.

Head of Department: dr. Tom Schmitz
Head Nurse: Anouska Schampaert


Gendarmeriestraat 65
1800 Vilvoorde
02 /257 56 80
spoedgevallendienst [at] azjanportaels.be