Oncology Support Team

When you are diagnosed with cancer, your world suddenly changes very drastically. Everything grinds to a halt and it seems as if all certainties have disappeared. Not only because of the physical symptoms of the disease or treatment, the emotional and social pressure may also be huge. Your entire life suddenly becomes completely focused on the treatment with the specialist (oncologist, radiotherapist, ...), but there is less attention being paid to emotional, social, and existential issues often caused by the disease. After the initial shock, you often have a lot of questions and a period of uncertainty begins, where you alternate between fear and hope. The partner, children and environment also share your worries. Sometimes it becomes difficult to talk to each other and to share feelings.
At AZ Jan Portaels, we try to provide integrated oncology care in which psychosocial support is given an important place. For this purpose, you can contact the Oncology Support Team (OST) during your illness, treatment and the period after. This team can support you, if you wish, in case you have difficulties or questions that affect your daily life. 

There are several care providers and physicians in the Oncological Support Team (OST) of AZ Jan Portaels and they work closely together to provide the best possible support for cancer patients throughout the hospital. Contacts for the OST are:

  • Dr. S. Ahlal, oncologist
  • Social worker T 02 257 54 66
  • Psychologist T 02 257 58 35
  • Kristina Lanin, oncology nurse

These healthcare providers work together closely with the Patient Counselling Department, among other departments.

When you are admitted as an inpatient, to any ward, you can ask the attending physician, nurse, or other healthcare provider on the nursing ward to contact and engage the Oncology Support Team. You can also contact them yourself at T 02 257 54 53 or
T 02 257 56 01.

Enlisting the help of the Oncology Support Team is at no cost to the patient.