Patient Counselling Department

A hospital admission can be a very drastic event, both personally, relationally and socially. Being sick can trigger a lot of worries and emotions for you and your environment and create tensions. The Patient Counselling Department can help by finding solutions to the difficulties created by your disease and treatment

The Patient Counselling Department has a lot of employees associated with AZ Jan Portaels. They all have their own expertise and try to assist patients. They will always work in consultation with the patient,  their environment, the treating physician and other healthcare providers, both inside and outside the hospital.

The following employees are part of the Patient Counselling Department :

  •  Social Services
  •  Religious Support Department
  •  Psychologists
  •  Palliative Support Team
  •  Volunteers

Consulting with one of the staff members of the Patient Counselling Department does not lead to any additional costs.

You can contact a member of the Patient Counselling Department directly or have them contact the nursing unit where you are staying.
If you already have questions prior to a planned hospital admission, you can also contact them in advance. You can get more information about this topic during registration.

Patient Brochures