Social Services

Being admitted to a hospital can sometimes be a very drastic event. Perhaps you are worried about your illness, your family or your work situation? If you wish, you or your family can rely on the AZ Jan Portaels Social Services department. Our social workers can provide information and mediate, to help you with personal or family problems, administrative and financial problems, looking for a specialized institution or service for further care or guidance, etc.

You can contact them for :

  • Information about applications for social benefits, premiums, etc.
  • Difficulties of an administrative or financial nature.
  • A talk about the major problems that come with being ill.
  • Discharge planning: home care, assistance, placement, etc. 
  • Hospital stays are becoming shorter, increasing the demand for home care and other temporary care options for those in need of care.
  • From the time of admission, the social worker prepares discharge from the hospital, together with the patient and their family.

We encourage you to think about the possible care or assistance you may need after your surgery or treatment even before you are admitted to the hospital. You can contact a social worker at any time before your hospital admission if you have questions about assistance, help at home and so on.

Email: Socialediensten [at] (Socialediensten[at]azjanportaels[dot]be) |

T 02 257 54 66   (on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4 PM)

Social Services is located in Block C (3rd and 4th floors).

You can make an appointment with one of our social workers via the nursing team of the ward where you have been admitted.