When healing is no longer possible...

When healing is no longer possible...

At Jan Portaels General Hospital in Vilvoorde, we want all healthcare providers to provide palliative care at every nursing department.

Palliative care is the integrated care of seriously ill patients when they are no longer able to heal. This integrated care focuses on comfort and quality of life and is based on 4 pillars: The physical, spiritual, social and psychological.

The Palliative Support Team (the PST) is a mobile team that supports the organization of palliative care and early care planning on the nursing wards. The PST provides support both to inpatients and outpatients through palliative consultations. The team consists of a clinical psychologist, a physician and a nurse and is available to the patient, their family and the hospital staff.

How to call on the Palliative Support Team?

If you are admitted, you can ask your attending physician, nurse, or another healthcare provider at the nursing ward to contact the Palliative Support Team.

Every Tuesday at 11:30 AM, dr. G. Verbeke (geriatrician, palliative care physician and LEIF physician) has a palliative care/end of life consultation for outpatient hospital clients. You need to book an appointment at 02/254 64 00.


The use of the Palliative Support Team is at no cost to the patient.


Palliative Support Team

T 02 257 58 37
E-mail: PalliatiefSupportTeam [at] azjanportaels.be