Regular stay

You will be admitted to our hospital for a "traditional stay”. This means you will be admitted to one of our nursing departments for multiple days.
To best prepare you for your hospital admission, below you will find some important things to consider.

Choice of room
For your hospital admission, you have the choice between:

  • a single room
  • a double room
  • a shared room

Your choice of room will not affect the level of care you will receive.

The standard room is a shared room, which can only be changed if you specifically request a different room type. Would you like a single room, please notify the Hospital Admission and Registration Department in advance when making your room reservation.
In some nursing units, you have the option of being admitted to a double room. Your admission will then be recorded as a "semi-private" admission. Not all nursing units provide this possibility. The Admission Department staff can provide you with more information if needed.
If your desired room type is not available, you will get a phone call the day before your hospital admission and we will work with you to find an alternative.
If you want to change your room type during your stay, you have to confirm this in writing.
You will be charged a supplement for requesting to stay in a double room (semi-private room). Exceptions:

  • People entitled to an increased allowance (preferential WIGW)
  • Beneficiaries of disability allowance
  • People entitled to increased child benefits
  • People entitled to an allowance for incontinence supplies
  • Palliative patients
  • Chronically ill people

You will also have to pay a room supplement if you request to stay in a single room (private room). A supplementary fee may be charged for the services of physicians and allied health professionals as well.

To provide you with the best possible information, also regarding the financial aspect of your admission, we have created a specific section on our website: Financial information. We advise you to review this section carefully and check with our staff if necessary.

What to expect during your hospital stay
For a scheduled hospital admission, please contact our Hospital Admission and Registration Department T 02 - 257 56 20 - every weekday from 7 AM to 6 PM and on Saturdays from 1 PM to 5 PM. They will book your room.
On the day of your hospital admission, go to one of our kiosks - in our Gendarmeriestraat location - at the appointed time. You will need to use your electronic identity card to sign in. Afterwards, please go over to the Registration Department, at the entrance of the Gendarmeriestraat location, where the administrative aspects of your admission will be completed. Changes of address, phone number, GP or health insurance should then be communicated to the registration staff The hospital will automatically inform your mutual health fund about your hospital stay. An administrative case file will be created at the Registration Department. It is also where you can confirm your choice of room and will be informed of any supplements.

Since 1 September 2004, you are been required to sign a  "verklaring van opname"  (Admission Statement) (Royal Decree of 17 June 2004). Our staff will go over this document with you and give you the necessary explanation. 
For all hospital admissions, you will be asked to pay an advance. The amount of this advance is determined by law and depends on your insurance status and your choice of room. You can pay this advance in cash or using Bancontact, Visa or Mastercard.
After the admission formalities have been completed, you can go to your nursing ward. Here you will receive a folder with more information about your department. Your department's nursing team will compile a nursing record and will inform you of your medication use, diet and other important topics. You will also hand over your referral documents to them and, if necessary, your medical records. You can contact your ward for all your questions and practical problems.

Daily schedule
Each ward has its own schedule in terms of care, doctor's rounds, etc.
Feel free to ask for more information if something is not clear to you or if you want to discuss an exception to a rule.

Meals are served around the same time in all departments:
Breakfast: 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Lunch and coffee: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Dinner: 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

You are not allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages or food that is not in line with
the patient's diet. If the physician prescribes a diet, a dietitian will provide the patient with additional information (free of charge), provided this is requested by the attending physician in a timely manner.
You can always schedule an appointment (at a fee) during or after the hospital stay for a dietary consultation via the Consultations Department.
Visitors can have lunch in the cafeteria located in the Gendarmeriestraat site. When a family member is staying in a patient's room (rooming in), they can eat their meals in the patient's room. This will be settled later via the patient's general invoice. After 9:30 PM, we ask that absolute silence is observed in the hospital.

What to bring along?

  • your identity card
  • sticker or certificate from your mutual health fund
  • home phone number or phone number of a contact person (e.g., family member, neighbour, etc.) name and address of your GP
  • do not forget that you have to make an advance payment

If applicable:

  • commitment to pay from the OCMW (Public Welfare Office) or a health insurance company
  • DKV card, Assurcard, letter from Medi-Assistance (Axa, Fortis, Winterthur), Medi-Link (Van Breda)
  • Non-Belgians, EU residents: European health insurance card or E112
  • Non-Belgians, non-EU residents: insurance documents
  • Name and address of the employer
  • Number of insurance policy for accidents at work
  • Number of the insurance case file
  • Date and time of the accident

For your medical records:

  • The medical documents you have: GP's referral letter, radiographs, results of previous examinations, blood group chart, ...
  • The medication you are taking

For your stay:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • For children: familiar toys, e.g., stuffed animal

Do not bring jewelry or other valuables to the hospital. Also, don't take more money than you need (e.g. only for the deposit and for any small personal expenses). If something is lost or stolen, the hospital is not responsible.

After your hospital stay, you will be sent the bill for the costs at home. AZ Jan Portaels applies the "third payer" scheme. This means that the mutual insurance company or other insurance company will get the bill for those parts that they will reimburse. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our billing department (in advance) at 02 257 55 31 or via email facturatie [at]