Religious Support Service

AZ Jan Portaels is a pluralistic hospital, which employs a hospital pastor and a humanist moral counsellor. They work with you to find your strength, meaning and purpose in each phase of your illness. They are also available to provide rituals or sacraments. If you want to speak to a representative from another official philosophy of life, outside providers will be contacted for you.

When you register for a hospital admission, you will receive a form from the Patient Administration Department outlining the religious services available. You can return this completed form to the staff of the Religious Support Service. You can drop it in the mailbox at their office, located in block F on the first floor (at the walkway over the Vlaanderenstraat) or via the nurse of your department.

Greet Janssens | Catholic Pastor | T 02 257 55 90 - greet.janssens [at]
Office: Block F, first floor at the walkway

Kathleen Verhelst | humanist counsellor | T 02 257 55 91
- kathleen.verhelst [at]

Quiet space 
The Quiet space is a room where patients and visitors can take a break. It provides an opportunity for reflection, prayer and meditation. The space is located on the ground floor directly across from the elevators and is accessible from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Holy Communion 
There is a weekly communion on Sunday morning organised by pastoral volunteers. They hold a small prayer meeting in the patient's room.

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