Once your admission has been scheduled and arranged, it is best to inform the persons and bodies listed below of your admission. 

Your health insurance fund

We will also inform your health insurance fund of your admission. However, if this hospital admission is the result of an accident, you should report this to your health insurance fund. Please also ask them if any certificates need to be completed at the time of your admission. To be entitled to sickness benefits from your first day of admission, you yourself must inform the health insurance fund of your incapacity for work. 

Your insurance company

Notify your insurance company if they are contributing to the costs of your hospital stay. Also ask for any forms or supporting documents they may require. 

Your GP

Notify your GP of the planned admission. After all, he/she will receives the test results and medical data afterwards. 

Your employer 

  • You are a salaried employee: You have to send a certificate of incapacity for work to your employer and a second certificate to the advisory physician of your health insurance fund within two working days, counting from the start of the incapacity for work. 
  • You are self-employed: within the sixty days following the start of your incapacity for work, if necessary, you are required to send a certificate of incapacity for work to your health insurance fund. 
  • You are a civil servant: you must have the required forms filled in by the attending physician.