Quiet room

Did you know that our hospital has a quiet space? This space is intended for patients, visitors, and staff looking for a place for rest, reflection, meditation, or prayer.

The quiet space is located on the second floor in block A at the entrance to intensive care. It is freely accessible day and night.

For any questions about it, you can contact the employees of the spiritual service:

Market 24/7

At the hospital reception, you can visit Market 24/7. In this Market, you can access a fresh and healthy selection of beverages, snacks, cold and hot meals via vending machines at any time of the day. There is also a coffee machine available.

Additionally, you can purchase necessary products such as personal care items (e.g., shampoo) and technological products (e.g., mobile phone charging cable).

Please note! The vending machines and coffee machine do not accept cash. Payment is only possible with a debit/credit card.

Cafetaria Déli Marché

Our cafeteria is open every weekday from 8:30 am to 6 pm and on weekends from 11:30 am to 6 pm. We sell newspapers and magazines in the morning in the cafeteria, as well as pastries, sandwiches, coffee, salads, and warm meals.