During your stay in our hospital, you will come into contact with various staff members. Each staff member strives to provide you with the best possible and safest care. If things do not go as expected, we appreciate hearing about it. Initially, we encourage direct communication with the individuals involved. If a solution is not found, mediation can be requested through an ombudsman. If necessary, the ombudsman can then organize a mediation session with the parties involved. Although the ombudsman will make every effort to work towards a solution, there is no guarantee of the outcome. Therefore, the ombudsman cannot be held responsible for whether or not an acceptable solution is reached for all parties.

Complaints, medical, and patient safety incidents can be reported in confidence. Our ombudsman will personally contact you. AZJP guarantees that our ombudsman maintains a neutral and independent position during the mediation process. The ombudsman is bound by professional confidentiality. Mediation by the ombudsman of AZJP is free of charge.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction but can also be a request for clarification regarding healthcare. Possible complaints may involve concerns or dissatisfaction with a treatment by a medical specialist. Based on complaints, recommendations are developed to structurally avoid recurring issues. The right to complain is outlined in Article 11 of the Patient Rights Act (August 22, 2002).

A medical or patient safety incident is an unintended event during the healthcare process that has led to harm to the patient, could have led to harm, or could still lead to harm. Guidelines are developed based on these reports with the aim of preventing the same incident.

You can contact the ombudsman in various ways:

1. Via email: ombudsdienst [at] azjanportaels.be

2. In writing: AZ Jan Portaels, attn. Ombudsman, Gendarmeriestraat 65, 1800 Vilvoorde

3. By phone: at 02 257 56 54. The ombudsman is available by phone every working day from 8:30 am to 4 pm. If the ombudsman is not available, you can leave a voicemail message (with your name and phone number), and you will be called back on the same day at the provided phone number.

4. By appointment, during a personal meeting. Please make an appointment in advance by calling 02 257 56 54.

The ombudsman's office is located in block F on the first floor. If you are admitted and have difficulty moving, you can ask your department to invite the ombudsman to come by.


5. Via the form below

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