Register on the day of your appointment at the latest fifteen minutes before the time of your appointment in the entrance hall.


Each patient registers using their electronic ID card or eID at the registration kiosk and we will check whether:

  • you have an appointment at the hospital;
  • you are already known as a patient in the hospital;
  • your personal datahave not changed since your last visit to our hospital.

You will get a ticket with your name and the area you can go to take a seat in the waiting room.

If your information is incomplete, you will get a ticket number and you can take a seat in waiting room  'registrations' in the entrance hall.

What is a valid e-ID reading?

You have your valid electronic identity card (eID), kidsID, or ISI+ card scanned via the kiosk or by a staff member at the reception services (including the emergency department).

Do you not have a valid eID, kidsID, or ISI+ card? Then certain other valid documents can serve as a replacement. Some examples are:

  • Electronic foreigner card
  • Certificate of loss or theft of a Belgian eID or foreigner card
  • Electronic residence document, valid as proof of registration in the population registers
  • Social identity card
  • Certificate of social insurance


  • Book an appointment well ahead of time.
  • Show up ahead of time for your appointment, preferably at least fifteen minutes in advance. The registration desk is open from  7  am.
  • In case you need to cancel, please notify the registration desk (at least 48 hours in advance). Late cancellation may be subject to a fee.

What do we ask for during registration?

  • ID card (when booking an appointment for your child: kids ID)
  • Phone number and/or cell phone number
  • Name, address and phone number of your GP
  • Name of the treating physician who referred you
  • In case of an accident at work: name and address of the insurance company, your employer and the policy number and case file number of the insurance policy
  • Your e-mail address
  • Medical Documents: Referral letter, test results (e.g., radiographs, blood analyses, etc.), vaccination card, blood group card, allergy card
  • Medication sheet with your current medication and its dosage
  • Nutritional restrictions