Filming and photography at AZJP

Patients and visitors who wish to take videos, photos and/or selfies in the AZJP must respect our hospital's policy.

  • Photographs and video footage of medical procedures by AZJP staff

    If a patient or visitor wishes to photograph or film a medical procedure, he or she must seek permission from the physician or other health care provider who is to be photographed or filmed. In principle, the consent must be given in writing  unless practice makes it impossible. Consent is only given for private use of the images.
  • Photos and videos of AZJP staff

    If you wish to photograph or film an AZJP staff member, the patient or the visitor must always get the permission from the employee involved. Verbal permission from the AZJP staff member is sufficient.
  • Photographs and films of yourself

    Patients are allowed to take pictures of themselves or selfies. They are responsible for this. If an AZJP staff member or fellow patient appears in the photograph, this employee or patient must consent.
  • Photos and videos of patients by the AZJP

    To ensure patient privacy, AZJP opts to never portray patients in a recognizable way. This is only possible with the express written consent of the patient. Also, the patient should be clearly informed what the image will be used for.