Do you urgently need a GP?

GPs station in Midden-Brabant

Since 2019, you can visit the GPs station during weekends and holidays to get urgent medical care. The entrance to the GPs station is located next to the entrance to the ER.

The GPs station Midden-brabant serves the municipalities of Vilvoorde, Strombeek, Machelen, Diegem and  the Greater Zaventem area. 

Since early January 2020, the following municipalities were added Steenokkerzeel, Perk, Melsbroek, Kampenhout, Berg, Nederokkerzeel and Buken.

The GPs station is open from 7 PM on Fridays to 8 AM on Mondays and on holidays from the evening before at 7 PM until the morning after the holiday at 8 AM.
To make an appointment with the GPs station, call 02 254 62 62. House visits are only possible if the individual is unable to leave the house.

More information on the website of the GPs station: