AZ Jan Portaels uses Hector to communicate electronically with GPs.

It uses the eHealthBox (via eHealth platform)

Administrative and medical documents can be sent quickly using this platform

How to start Hector? New user

Request an eHealth certificate

If you have installed Hector and have made the necessary connections and you want AZ Jan Portaels to use Hector for its communication, then send an email to hector [at] (hector[at]azjanportaels[dot]be) with the following information:

  • “opstart / nieuwe gebruiker”
  • first name
  • last name
  • NIHDI number
  • brand of the software package you want to use to read the messages (e.g. xxxx)

What information do we send via Hector?

AZ Jan Portaels sends administrative and medical documents to general practitioners requesting this information, about patients who explicitly mentioned this at the time of their registration/ hospital admission.

  • admission and discharge notices. These notices only contain administrative data that inform the GPs about the admission/discharge of one of their patients. This information will include the department where the patient was admitted and the attending physician. No medical information is mentioned.
  • discharge letters
  • lab results

Request to send again

Send an e-mail to hector [at] (hector[at]azjanportaels[dot]be) stating:

  • heropsturen documenten (send documents again)
  • for all patients over a given period of time or for well-defined patient(s)?
  • period
  • information about the person sending the request (physician)
  • last name, first name, date of birth