We are delighted to welcome a new doctor to our team!

Since the middle of last year, Dr. Vandenberghe has been leading a new private practice in Halle. The focus of her practice is on providing quality, efficient, and prompt services for patients.

Coincidentally, these happen to be the pillars that we, as a hospital, place great importance on. We are particularly excited that Dr. Vandenberghe chose our hospital to maintain her connection with the hospital world.

Dr. Vandenberghe, a graduate of KU Leuven in 1991, gained experience at the Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis in Tienen and the Sint-Maria Ziekenhuis in Halle. She has also taken on roles such as department head, head of department, and member of the medical council.

She will now apply all this knowledge and experience to serve our patients during consultation sessions on Wednesday afternoons. You can consult with her in Dutch, French, and English.