Results can be obtained:


  • Via our secure results server CyberLab, physicians can access their patients' results 24/7.
  • Protocol via Hector and on paper/fax if required.
  • Highly pathological results are called into the requesting physician. (call list)
  • If the physician checks "copy for patient" on the application form, the protocol will be sent to the patient.
  • The protocol can also be picked up by the patient (identification via ID card) at the lab secretariat.
  • To respect privacy, results will NOT be given to the patient by telephone.
  • Analysis and protocol: The laboratory undertakes to perform all major analyses on the day the sample arrives.
    An exception is made for more specialized requests, which are performed less frequently, or for which a more specialized laboratory is used.
    Urgent analyses are given absolute priority. Protocols are kept for at least 3 years and can always be retrieved.