General rule for collection on day of sampling:

  • Li-Heparin vial, serum vial, EDTA vial, citrate vial and glucose vial
    • Store at room temperature of 15-25° C
    • Store in the dark (due to bilirubin degradation).
  • Sputum, nasal and throat swabs, nasopharyngeal aspirate, BAL fluid, punction fluids and swabs ( eye, ear, skin lesions, pus, wound, genitourinary).
    • Can be stored at room temperature for 24 hours
  • Urine sediment and culture
    • up to 24 h at 2-8° c

Exceptions to the rule:

  • Potassium: vial must arrive at the lab within 6 hours. Should not be stored in the refrigerator (even at low temperature in cold box).
  • APTT: vial stored at room temperature and should reach the lab within 3 hours. (Analysis should be performed within 4 hours of the blood sample being taken).
  • Sedimentation rate: Stable for 4 hours at room temperature and 24 hours at 2 - 8°C.
  • WBC differentiation: 8h at room temperature and 24h at 2-8°C.