Collaboration with other hospitals

With the University Hospital of Brussels for: 

  • invasive cardiology and cardiac surgery
  • paediatrics and neonatal intensive care
  • nephrology and renal dialysis 
  • Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • sleep lab and CPAP rental
  • Pathology (including autopsy) 

With the University Hospital Leuven for: 

  • healthcare programs related to oncology, haematology and radiotherapy (together with Kliniek Sint Jan Brussel and H.Hart Ziekenhuis Leuven)
  • oncology gynaecology and senology
  • Centre for human genetics
  • multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain (together with AZ Nikolaas) 

With Kliniek Sint Jan in Brussels for: 

  • nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 

With the Europe Hospitals in Brussels for:

  • brachytherapy 

With the Psychiatric Hospital Sint Alexius for: 

  •  mental health
  •  clinical biology 

With the National MS Center in Melsbroek for:

  •  acute care for MS patients
  •  medical imaging 

With the Jan Yperman hospital in Ypres for:

  •  cervical cytology 


Collaboration with Residential Care Centres

  • WZC Filfurdo
  • H. Hart Grimbergen
  • Residentie Romana
  • Seniorie Den Bogaet R.V.T.
  • WZC Rietdijk vzw
  • WZC Parkhof
  • WZC Floordam
  • WZC De Overbron
  • WZC De Stichel
  • Residentie Oase
  • Anemoon bvba
  • WZC trappeniers
  • WZC Woluwedal
  • WZC Ter Biest
  • WZC Pagode
  • WZC Hestia
  • WZC Clivia


Co-operation with networks and agencies

  • SEL hospitals
  • Palliative Care Network of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde
  • Kom op Tegen Kanker
  • Kind en Gezin
  • Red Cross Flanders, Department of Vilvoorde-Zemst