Cooperation agreement with residential care centres

The hospital has drafted a cooperation agreement with 16 residential care centres outlining a number of practical arrangements. In addition, all residential care centres are invited to attend a consultation at the hospital twice a year to further intensify cooperation and align care.

Prevention campaigns with the City of Vilvoorde and Harno (=GPs association in the North of Brussels)

In collaboration with the City of Vilvoorde and HARNO, annual prevention campaigns are conducted aimed at the general public. Examples include projects about smoking cessation, prostate cancer, diabetes and colon cancer. BOEBS (stay on your feet) is scheduled for 2014 and a grief project is being prepared for 2015.

Collaboration with university hospitals

For certain healthcare programs, we work together with university hospitals to exchange knowledge and expertise as best we can. All AZJP patients can therefore benefit from the latest science-based diagnostics and treatment options. We work together with UZ Brussel for the cardiology healthcare program and with UZ Leuven for the oncological care program.