The renovated Geriatrics Day Clinic wants to respond to the demand for outpatient diagnosis and treatment, in order to avoid admissions of geriatric patients as much as possible. Thanks to the team's extensive experience, we will undoubtedly provide great value to referring physicians and their patients.

The day clinic team consists of geriatricians and (head) nurses - as well as allied health professionals with a specific feel for geriatric patients: occupational therapists, social nurses, psychologists, dietitian and a speech therapist...
Together they offer a full range of services to patients.

The following programs are provided:
- osteoporosis clinic
- cognitive tests
- anorexia/weight loss check-up
- falls analysis
- transfusion/Injectafer® 
- preoperative check-up.

Tailor-made programs are also possible, of course.
Location: Block A, 3rd floor

Geriatrics Day Clinic T 02 257 54 48 (from 8 AM to 4 PM)
Head Nurse  Sigrid Vandeputte