We spent the last few weeks paving the way to a COVID-19 safe environment. In our safe care plan, you will find all the preventive and innovative measures specifically designed to protect our patients and staff.

Here are some highlights from our plan:

  • COVID19 patients separated from other patients
  • COVID-19 test and triage centre located in the hospital
  • COVID-19 testing of patients prior to in-hospital surgery
  • Additional waiting area to maintain social distancing
  • Everyone who enters the hospital must wear a surgical face mask  
  • Adequate protective equipment is provided in the hospital  
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols with fully automatic contact devices to disinfect hands
  • Possibility of digital consultations
  • Signage and indications to maintain adequate distance
  • Entrance into the hospital is limited to one main entrance
  • Focus on temperature control
  • The necessary hygiene measures are applied between appointments

Simple precautions

  • Always wear your own surgical face mask, making sure both your mouth and nose are covered
  • Use only the entrance at the Gendarmeriestraat
  • Disinfect your hands regularly; hand alcohol is available at several locations
  • Keep at least 1.5 meters away from other people
  • Respect the signs that are posted in the hospital (e.g., waiting room capacity, elevators, etc,… )
  • Always follow the instructions of our staff

Avoid stress for your appointments
Allow extra time prior to your appointment; being there about ten minutes ahead of time is ideal. This way, we limit the time in the waiting room and can guarantee a smooth flow. Please come alone, if possible without anyone extra, when you come in for a consultation.