Currently, you cannot avail yourself of smoking cessation support in our hospital temporarily. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Smoking cessation support with a tobacco specialist

Quitting smoking can be quite a challenge. Scientific research shows that the highest chance of success is with guidance from a tobacco specialist combined with smoking cessation medication. The tobacco specialist will guide you through this process and provide information about the smoking cessation medication that helps alleviate physical withdrawal symptoms.

Individual guidance

What's it like, that first time with a tobacco specialist? You'll talk about when exactly you smoke and how much. This gives the tobacco specialist a better understanding of your smoking behavior. From there, you'll work together to get rid of cigarettes completely.

Initially, you'll visit the tobacco specialist every week. This way, you'll receive good guidance and stick to quitting better. From the 3rd or 4th session onwards, there will be more time between sessions. The number of sessions you need to quit smoking completely is determined by you, in consultation with the tobacco specialist.

How much does a consultation with the tobacco specialist cost?

The Flemish government provides an annual subsidy for those living in Flanders who want to quit smoking (up to a maximum of 4 hours of smoking cessation support per year). If you are entitled to increased compensation, you pay less.

For an intake session of 1 hour, you pay a maximum of €30, or €15 if you are entitled to increased compensation. For a follow-up session of 30 minutes, you pay €15 (or €7.50 if you are entitled to increased compensation).

Are you younger than 21? Then an intake session with the tobacco specialist costs only €4.

Do you live in Brussels? Then you do not receive financial assistance from the Flemish government, but you do receive partial reimbursement through the health insurance fund.