Obesity is a chronic condition associated with serious health risks and it has a major psycho-social impact on the patient. Good medical and allied health support and continuous efforts by the patients can lead to weight reduction. It is important to set and pursue realistic goals.

The goal is to achieve a "healthier" weight. This could be a lower weight, but can also mean the weight remains stable while comorbidities are managed well combined with a healthier lifestyle which is often already a big step in the right direction. To achieve this, we have expanded the team of the diabetes clinic. In our new obesity clinic, we want to help our patients achieve a healthier weight. To this end, we have created a strong multidisciplinary team. The team includes dieticians, psychologist, internists, endocrinologists, abdominal surgeons, physiatrists and physical therapists. The multidisciplinary team guarantees an individual approach tailored to each patient. A healthy lifestyle is and will remain the basis for achieving results.

Possible indications for surgical weight-loss are also considered as needed. The existing reimbursement criteria for bariatric surgery are also considered. Patients who are eligible for surgery are referred to the abdominal surgeons.

Possible bariatric procedures include gastric banding, mini-gastric bypass and a sleeve gastrectomy.

Endocrinology Department                                 T 02 257 53 52

Abdominal Surgery Department                    T 02 257 57 60

Balanced weight

Diet and exercise program for people with obesity

This diet and exercise program is aimed at anyone who is motivated to do something about their excess weight.
You can follow this program if you are referred by the endocrinologist.

Your GP will first have to refer you to the endocrinologist for a thorough check-up. Other causes
of excess weight can be ruled out and treated, and possible secondary conditions are also diagnosed and treated before embarking on this program.
We will coach you for 6 months. After these 6 months, we hope that you will continue to keep your weight
under control with a healthier lifestyle, different eating habits and more

Contact: Endocrinology Centre Secretariat: 02 257 53 52