Patient experiences

During your admission, you will receive a satisfaction document. Alternatively, you can participate in our satisfaction survey on the website via this link. Your participation in this questionnaire helps us identify areas where we can improve our care.

Twice a year, the questionnaire from the Flemish Patient Platform is utilized. This questionnaire is part of the VIP² project, the 'Flemish Indicators Project for Patients and Professionals' of the Flemish Government. The government processes the questionnaires themselves, and the results are communicated to the hospitals participating in this project. The results are available on the website

Starting from July 1, 2021, specific questionnaires will be introduced to assess patient experiences, namely PREMS or 'patient reported experience measurements.' These PREMS aim to improve our healthcare quality and measure satisfaction, subjective and objective experiences, and interactions with staff. In addition to two general questions, department-specific questions will be formulated, allowing departments to develop and implement specific improvement actions to further enhance care and patient satisfaction.

Contact Person:

For more information, you can contact Annika Lietart at T 02 257 50 87 or email patientenbeleving [at]


Patient participation

AZ Jan Portaels considers it important to involve the patient in their care. Patient participation contributes to making healthcare better and more effective, and this principle is upheld in our hospital as well.

Patient involvement enhances factors such as treatment adherence, treatment effectiveness, the quality of care, and patient safety. Recognizing the numerous benefits that participation brings to patients, the hospital, and staff, various initiatives are undertaken to improve our healthcare services.

Patient council

The patient council was established in 2019 and represents the collective interests of all patients. If you are interested in participating, you can send an email to patientenbeleving [at] or call Annika Lietart at (02 257 50 87), every working day between 9 am and 4 pm.

Next patient council meeting: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the meetings have been temporarily postponed.

Patient as partner in safe care

With the following tips, the patient and their family can also contribute to high-quality and safe care.

1. Inform your healthcare provider about:

  • Your medication schedule (which can be obtained from your pharmacy or general practitioner)
  • Illnesses, allergies, procedures, habits, etc.

2. Are you admitted?

  • Always wear your identification bracelet and verify your information on the bracelet.

3. Ask questions about your medication.

  • If it's new, feel free to inquire about the reasons, potential side effects, etc.

4. Be aware of your risk of falling.

  • Seek support or use an aid if neccesary
  • Wear well-fitted, closed shoes
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting

5. Ask questions to your healthcare provider.

  • Write down your questions in advance
  • Inquire abour medication, surgery, discharche, rehabillitation, etc.

Patient guidance

A hospital admission can be very impactful, both personally, relationally, and socially. Being ill can bring about many concerns, emotions, and tensions for you and your surroundings. The Patient Guidance Service can assist by finding solutions for the difficulties that come with your illness and treatment. For more information, you can contact them here.