Our radiology - medical imaging department is equipped with the most modern devices to image the human body. We can use magnetic resonance (MRI), sound waves (ultrasound), or X-rays (RX).

You can come to us for radiography, arthrography, ultrasound, duplex ultrasound, mammography (including screening), bone densitometry, CT scan and MRI.

All examinations require an appointment. To book an appointment, you can call the number 02 257 51 00.
Location: Block A, ground floor

The radiologists of the MRI department of AZ Jan Portaels have not signed the national convention between physicians and the health insurance funds.


Yet for the following tests an additional supplement will be charged, which is to be borne by the patient:

- MRI of the head: € 47.2*
- MRI of the neck, thorax, abdomen: € 47.2*
- MRI of a limb: € 47.2*
- MRI of the vertebral column: € 5.25* 

* rates in January 2020, subject to indexation

This supplement is not charged to those who have preferential arrangements (= formerly known as "WIGW") nor to inpatients staying in a multi-person room.

For more information, please contact the Billing Department prior to your test. You can contact them on weekdays between 08:00-12:00 on the number 02 257 55 31 or via e-mail:  facturatie [at] azjanportaels.be ( ).

Nursing Unit

Head Nurse  Geert Franssen
T 02 257 51 00
Location: Block C, ground floor
For appointments: T 02 257 51 00