Hospital of the future

On the CAT site, a former industrial area located at the rear of Vilvoorde station, our new construction, or 'the hospital of the future,' will be realized.

Follow the developments of the new building closely through the timeline below.

January - April 2023

Internal Working Groups

During these months, numerous working groups convened to scrutinize, modify, and optimize the plans. Colleagues from various departments were involved in shaping the entire trajectory.

In Viva! Hotspot, a report by RingTV, you can learn more about the new health facility that we are going to establish on the CAT site in Vilvoorde.

October 2022

Revision of the competition design & initiation of the internal project team

To shape the entire process, an internal project team 'new construction' has been assembled. Directors, care managers, and staff members from various departments now meet at least weekly to discuss the progress in the new construction dossier.

September 2022

Selection of VK Wiegerinck Architects

Wiegerinck and VK architects+engineers have been selected as the architectural team for the design. The design focuses on connection. The new hospital consists of two building volumes connected by a high, light-filled entrance. One part houses all high-tech functions, such as the hotfloor, emergency department, imaging, and an oncology day center. The other, low-tech part includes the nursing departments and outpatient clinics. Both blocks are positioned halfway in greenery and halfway in the city, forming a transition between the two landscapes.

Furthermore, the new hospital takes a significant step forward in efficiency. This is achieved through a clear separation of goods and patient flows. Sustainability is also a key consideration, with the hospital being 'all-electric,' rainwater being reused, and maximizing the utilization of solar energy.

December 2021

VIPA Decision Grants Strategic Allowance

The Flemish Government and Wouter Beke, Flemish Minister for Welfare, Public Health, and Family, have officially approved the request for a new 'health facility' on the CAT site in Vilvoorde. This approval allows AZ Jan Portaels to proceed with the further development of the only regional hospital in the Northern Flemish outskirts.

The project by AZ Jan Portaels, part of the BRIANT hospital network, aligns with the sustainable healthcare infrastructure of tomorrow: a smaller, agile, and sustainable 'health facility.' AZ Jan Portaels is fully committed to investing in preventive care, integrated healthcare, and a shift from traditional hospitalizations to day hospitalizations.