Diabetes Clinic

AZJP's diabetes clinic guarantees patient-friendly, high-quality treatment for adults and young adults with diabetes. 
It is essential for any diabetic patient to get the best possible follow-up of blood glucose levels to avoid chronic complications associated with diabetes in the long term.
We try to provide each patient with the best possible, warm and personal support.
Naturally, this requires good cooperation and communication between the various members of the diabetes team and the GP. That is why all consultations are multidisciplinary and you, as a patient, can see specialized dietitians and nurses. If you want, you can also get psychological advice.
Of course, the Diabetes Clinic will offer you the latest treatments. Today, type 2 diabetes patients do not get insulin as quickly as they used to, unless there is a medical need. The initial focus is on newer pills and injections (sometimes only once a week) that have demonstrated their added value in terms of weight and protection against cardiovascular disease. In consultation with your GP, a diabetes care plan can be launched. 
We also offer you the possibility of using innovative measurement techniques such as flash and continuous glucose monitoring (in accordance with the reimbursement criteria) and you can also opt to get treatment with an insulin pump if you have type 1 diabetes. 

Location: Block D, ground floor

Would you like to make an appointment or reschedule an existing appointment? Please call 02 254 64 00.

Would you like to speak with an educator or physician? Then call our secretariat at T 02 257 53 52

or e-mail us at 
diabetes.kliniek [at] azjanportaels.be
secretariaatdiabetes [at] azjanportaels.be


    What to bring along to your consultation?


    • ID card
    • phone number and/or mobile number
    • name, address and phone number of your GP
    • name of the treating physician who referred you
    • your e-mail address


    • medical documents: Referral letter, results of examinations (e.g., radiographs, blood analyses, etc.), vaccination card, blood group card, allergy card
    • medication sheet with your current medication and its dosage
    • blood glucose levels and/or glycemometer
    • diet


    diabetes, CGM, insulinepomp, diabetes en zwangerschap, diabetesvoet, algemene endocrinologie, schildklierziekten
    diabetes, CGM, insulinepomp, diabetes en nierziekten/transplantatie, diabetesvoet, algemene endocrinologie, schildklierziekten, diabetes en endocrinologie bij adolescenten

    Nursing Unit

    Medicine 1
    Head nurse Maxime Bernardi
    T 02 257 57 20
    Location: Block B, 2nd floor