Because of the current influx and shortage of paediatricians (there are currently 2 vacancies!) unfortunately, we cannot always help you straight away. When it's busy, emergency cases get priority (at the ER, delivery ward and paediatrics departments). We do our best to help as many sick children as possible, but unfortunately we cannot always see everyone. If you try to reach us by phone and we do not answer immediately we are most likely busy, please try again later. Thank you for your understanding.

If you cannot schedule an appointment at the paediatrics department, you can always contact the GP/GPs station. If it is urgent and your child's condition does not allow you to wait, you can always go to the ER. 

Team of paediatricians

Currently we have a team of 4 paediatricians and one paediatrician in training and would like to expand our department with one or two new colleagues.

  • Lien Meyns
  • Lien Willems
  • Quintus Marais
  • Anouk Van Leynseele (Head of Department)

We are dynamic, child-friendly and have broad interests in our field: general paediatrics and neonatology. If necessary, we will refer children to a tertiary centre for subspecialty care. There is always one physician on-call.

A multidisciplinary team

We work together with other disciplines to provide the best care to monitor children's evolution. We work together closely with the allied health professionals at our hospital: physiotherapists, dieticians, speech therapists, etc. In the future, we will also have a child psychologist.

Our vision and purpose

Child and family oriented care: It is important to us for a child to be able to heal in a family environment. To the extent possible, the parents are involved in the concerns, decisions, choice of treatment of the children,  both in the neonatal department, consultations and the paediatrics department.

The care team's approach is child-friendly with a focus on reducing anxiety and possible painful experiences for the children during a hospital visit.

A balanced and healthy development of children. From birth, we focus on healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle for children. Our motto is "prevention is better than cure", so we prioritise the early detection of problems.

Respect for all. Mutual respect is essential for good cooperation between healthcare staff on the one hand and our young patients and their parents on the other. Even when things get busy, we try to help you with a smile.


The operation of outpatient paediatrics

Ordinary consultations

can be requested with the paediatrician of your choice. If you have a referral, that's great, but this is not required.

If your regular paediatrician is not present, you can see another paediatrician. The pediatricians work together closely and they all use a single electronic record.

The content of consultations is diverse. Some examples are given below, but this is not an exclusive list.

  • Fever and Infections
  • Parenting problems/questions
  • Abdominal pain, constipation, feeding problems
  • Recurrent respiratory infections, asthma
  • Problems peeing

Follow-up after early discharge from the maternity unit

Eachpaediatrician can follow up with children after discharge from maternity. This is possible after the child was born at AZJP but also at another hospital.

Vaccine administration and development monitoring

For each child born in Belgium, Kind en Gezin / ONE can provide follow-up, free of charge. If desired, this follow-up can also be provided at our consultations: you will then have to pay for the consultation, but not for the vaccines offered by the government. If you wish to have additional vaccines administered in addition to the basic schedule, you must purchase them in advance (with prescription) and bring them to the consultation.

COVID test after high-risk contact and/or possible symptoms of COVID

If your child is showing possible symptoms of COVID 19 and you have been given a code by the tracing centre to have your child tested, an appointment should be made at the testing centre. This is possible by calling the number: 0472 18 75 35.

Urgent appointment requested by parents

Every morning at 8 AM we will open a list for urgent consultations to ensure sick children can be seen by a paediatrician the same day. You can call after 8 AM. The goal of this consultation is to be able to help as many sick children as possible, so we are limiting this consultation to urgent matters. For other non-urgent problems, please schedule appointment on another list. 

Call-in time and telephone consultations

Occasionally it may be necessary to schedule an appointment with the paediatrician without the child being present, e.g., to discuss test results. This is possible during the call-in time between 12-13h. You can also schedule a phone consultation through the appointments department and the paediatrician will then call you.

Private consultations

Paediatricians do not organise no private consultations

Follow-up of test results

When the paediatrician orders a test, he/she will agree with you how the result will be communicated to you. This can be discussed over the phone, but can also be done by e-mail if necessary. Please always check when registering that your phone number and email address are correct.

What if all consultations have been taken?

You can also always contact your GP/GPs station

If it is urgent and your child's condition does not allow you to wait, you can always go to the ER.  

Cost of a consultation

All paediatricians are conventioned.


NIHDI rates (July 2021), partly paid by the mutual health fund

Own contribution (to be paid by yourself)

Ordinary consultation, accredited


12 €

Interventions to make jobs less painful/scary



Use of Rapydan patch (from 3 years)



Use of Emla Ointment



Use of nitrous oxide


Between 3.05-5.09

Use of baby calmine (infants less than 3 months old)




Blood and lab tests

Phlebotomy in children is performed in the paediatrics department (5th floor). This is done by experienced paediatric nurses, without an appointment. Non-urgent examinations can take place between 8-15am. Urgent examinations are performed only after referral by the physician.




Nursing Unit

Head Nurse   Margot Van Hauwe
T 02 257 57 40
Location: Block B, 5th floor
For appointments: t 02 254 64 00

Parents are allowed to visit at all times.
Rooming-in is always possible for 1 parent (for children up to 16 years old)
The parent who is sleeping over will get a recliner bed and can use the shower.
The price of the parent's overnight stay depends on the choice of meals:

  • Overnight stay + breakfast    19 EUR
  • Overnight + full board           25 EUR